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About Us

Acraze Inc., a virtual fashion shopping mall tailor-made for Hong Kongers founded in 2020. Two of our co-founders, Kristy and Danny realized that under the situation of COVID-19, people are less willing to go out and shop for fashion products. The idea of a virtual shopping mall comes into their mind and here comes the creation of Acraze Inc.

Acraze plays with the words"Crazed" and "Amazing", aiming to impress our customers by our wide range of high-quality fashion products, convenient and heartwarming services. We hope to share fashion inspiration and innovation in order to promote fashion cultural exchange, Acraze Inc. is more than just a shopping platform where our customers can be inspired by all different fashion styles and culture. 

We aim to provide a convenient and friendly platform for customers to browse and shop.

Here, you will find a wide range of apparel styles, from street brands to smart casual, without leaving home yet fulfilling your strong desire to do the shopping. Most importantly, you can buy it all in one package with one single shipping fee. 

What are you waiting for? Get crazed and amazed. 

Our Mission

Fetching the clothes with styles all around the globe for our customers, and deliver them to their door at once.

Acraze Inc. is committed to increasing the exposure of start-up fashion businesses. To let the public get to know more about different high-quality fashion brands in Hong Kong.

Our Vision

Temporarily Acraze Inc. is targeting the Asian market only.


We aim to expand our business around the globe in soon future and to fetch even more high-quality fashion products for you.

Our Promise

Acraze Inc. promise there will only be one single deliver fee 

regardless of amount or size of your purchases at different stores.

We promise to treat every order and product with our sincere heart, your satisfactory is always our top priority.

On one website, with a single delivery fee, browse and shop from all the shop you love. No more suffering from delivery fee calculation and limited choice.

With aid from our professional marketing team and statistics analysts, brand owners will be able to focus on providing a wide range of high-quality fashion products to customers.

OUr Strength

Acraze Inc will update the blogs related to the current fashion trend and daily outfits suggestion on a regular basis. We hope to provide a forum for our customers and readers which allows them to stay ahead of the curve. 

Acraze Inc welcomes everyone from the globe to shop at ours or to join our alliance. In order to bring an exceptional and convenient shopping experience to our customers, we tend to charge our customers with only a one-off fee for international shipping. For any region that is not shown on the checkout page, please contact our customer service and we will customize a delivery plan specifically for you.

Acraze Inc offers its own customised packaging box to our customers, along with a special thank you card. We strive to provide the best customer experience with our sincere heart and passionate attitude.

Acraze Inc remarks its innovation on designing the online platform by categorising into various types of fashion styles instead of gender or items of apparel (e.g tops and bottoms). Unlike any other fashion platforms, we focus on the current fashion trend and its development. We hope to provide more than just a shopping platform, but to serve as an inspiration in terms of fashion to our customers.